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This video shows what it looks like to go from storyboards and previz to the completed animation of SEED: Paradise Lost. It also shows how good pre-planning leads to a good final product. I always knew about storyboarding for films, but having to do it myself has really given me a whole new appreciation for the process. When I initially hired my comic book artists Yeysson Bellaiza and Antonio de Zayas, I told them I wanted to use the comic book as a storyboard too, so we were very deliberate in how we did that project. Doing it this way, I could take care of two things at the same time – creating a comic book that would also serve as the storyboard to hand over to the animators.

To see the finished project by itself:

This project was produced under contract with PostCity Film & TV Post Production Facilities in Cape Town, South Africa:

And Cinegestix did all the animations:

If you would like to read the SEED comic book:

To learn more about SEED, what happens next in the story and how you can get involved, please go to:

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