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Pentecost at the Puritan Barn

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  1. There is a masonic degree that requires "wine" to be drank from a human skull. At Yale, the Skull and Bones masonic power player group allegedly has the skull of Geronimo and part of their initiation is to drink something from it.

  2. Ty gentleman. So much good information in this episode. I am at the point when you brought up the druidic gauls and the pagan ceremony bleeding on the venerated tree. I'm sure this is likely info you are aware of, but I find it remarkable how ALL CULTS/"OTHER RELIGIONS" and every pantheon they worship can be traced DIRECTLY back to Nimrod. The tree ritual began there as a celebration regarding how Tammuz, Nimrods inbred son. IF Tammuz was actually Nimrod's son. There is some conjecture regarding Tammuz's conception timeline vs Nimrods death. It is about a tree the grew from a tree chopped down. Whole new tree tree from the stump. Represented Tammuz being the return of Nimrod. So they brought trees inside and decorated them. There is a very good reason the Bible says precisely NOT to do that lol. Of course it goes without saying that is where the Authurian "Once and Future King" mythos originated as well.

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