Can The Government Dictate To The Church How To Worship? Pastor James Coates with GraceLife Church ForYouTube

GraceLife Church Worship Service – Dec 20, 2020 (The Time Has Come)
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The pastor at an Edmonton-area church was handed a $1,200 ticket Sunday for contravening the orders of Alberta’s chief medical officer of health.

A spokesperson for Parkland RCMP confirmed Tuesday that officers went to GraceLife Church of Edmonton at the request of Alberta Health Services inspectors and ticketed the pastor. Days earlier, on Dec. 17, AHS officials had issued an order to GraceLife and Pastor James Coates, directing them to immediately begin complying with COVID-19 restrictions.

According to the order, some of the Parkland County church staff, volunteers and attendees were unmasked, and people were socializing and not distancing in the lobby. Under Alberta’s current rules, churches have been allowed to remain open at 15 per cent capacity if other public health guidelines around distancing and masking are followed.

Inspectors said the pews were mostly full and people from different households did not appear to be distanced.

A group reportedly performed without masks or distancing, and the report said the 15 per cent capacity may have been exceeded because it didn’t appear anyone was counting people coming into the building.

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  1. I guess totalitarianism has come to our neighbors to the north. Let me tell you something. We've been going to church for 4 months, in south Georgia. We're no worse off than anyone that's not allowed to. Think about that. What's the point of keeping you from worshipping? It isn't because of a virus.

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