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  1. I always wonder about the two kids from the flock for a meal for one man. We can assume the others would join the meal but it's still a lot of food and it sounds like it was a meal for Issac alone. Plus the stories about this families military exploits are extraordinary. They must have been huge peoples

  2. The greatest part about this story is that it was Gods plan from the beginning. God said the older would serve the younger. And Esau gave his birthright to Jacob in exchange for food before Isaac even gave away the blessing. It was meant to be all along. God works through us all to bring His Word to life! We can’t judge anyone in the story. God works in mysterious ways. His ways are above our ways so we can judge all we want but it had to be that way from the beginning. I love this story and it taught me so many things. God loves you! 🙂

  3. Stick to the scriptures & leave your opinion to yourself or don't state them as facts…. the older will serve the younger…. The Lord deemed the birthright to Jacob whilst still in the womb…. Period. & FYI Rebecca felt bad she wasn't able to become pregnant that's why she suggested Hagar… If it was all for her she would not have sent her & Ishmael away….

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