TFR – 196 -Quest4Truth: Genesis 12, Jasher 9 and Jubilees 11 – 12 ForYouTube

In this show, Zen and I picked up where we left off in our study of Genesis and the supporting texts. We read from Jasher 9, Jubilees 11 and 12, Genesis 12 and the Writings of Abraham, discussing the early life of Abram, his destruction of idols and punishment in a fiery furnace.

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  1. My understanding of Sara being Abraham’s “sister”, was that because Haran had died his& Abraham’s father (Terah) had adopted Haran’s children (Lot, Milkah & Sara), so that they wouldn’t be fatherless 🤔 This “technically” made Sara, Abraham’s sister(step) & his niece. The same with Lot (his nephew/step-brother) & Milkah (Nahor’s wife/niece/step-sister): by which Isaac received Rabecca as his wife & 1st cousin(from Sara’s sister- Milkah). It can become head spinning 🤪
    Just my understanding 😊

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