Witchcraft and the Devil – The Hammer of Witches: Part 2 (Malleus Maleficarum Explained) ForYouTube

One of the most famous medieval treatises regarding witchcraft. Inquisitor Heinrich Kramer published the document in the late 15th century with the intention of challenging any arguments against the existence of sorcery and to instruct the courts on how to both interrogate and convict witches.

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Artwork/Illustrations by
Elisa Fratarcangelo (https://www.instagram.com/akiliz_/?hl…)
Douglas Deri (artstation.com/douglasderi)
Karlo Lottersberger (artstation.com/karlottersberger)

Animation by
Michael Merc (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCoBn…)

Music by

Graham Plowman: http://www.grahamplowman.com​​
Derek/Brandon Fietcher: https://bit.ly/3e8gJw7​​

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