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Where did we humans come from? Some 40 or so years ago, our origins seemed quite straight forward. The original story went something like this: modern humans (Homo sapiens) evolved to their current anatomical form in sub-Saharan Africa sometime after 200,000 years ago. They hung around for a bit, then groups started moving out of the homeland. Arriving in Western Europe, a “human revolution” soon occurred (40,000 years ago), resulting in our much celebrated artistic and complex language abilities, a sort of creative explosion. These cognitively and technologically advanced peoples then out-competed the indigenous Neanderthals (and other archaic, or relatively ancient, human groups) and ultimately conquered the entire globe.

But fresh evidence has forced a rethink of this version of human history.

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  1. Ask yourself why the authorities continually lie about human history, the thing is this <> we know they are lying , we have tons of proof , new finds that are not destroyed or stolen by the authorities are coming to light every single year , it's time every human demands the truth regardless of any consequences because after all the truth will always out 🤔

  2. Great video thank you.. Australian government are trying to keep this a secret. There are many wonders in Aus the world does not know about. Ie the Karriong Glyphs .. our govt says they are fake. They are not fake.

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