(2017) Virtual House Church – Bible Study – Week 52: Vayelekh FYTube

This is the Week 52 Torah portion – Vayelekh – with related studies from the Prophets and New Testament from our 2017 broadcast. This week’s study page:


Link to my blog dealing with the “September 23, 2017 sign” and Rapture issue and why it didn’t mean anything: https://robschannel.com/september-23-2017

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  1. Also seeing how this episode was in 2017, I would bet Rob's version of when this Tribulation starts is much different now that covid 19 has put a wrench in our understanding and that this man of sin sure seems closer to being revealed than he did in 2017,, and this mark of beast sure seems similar to these innoculational passports that are being talked about with these vaccines and all these false preachers talking bout GOD forgiving us if we take the mark, and these demonic TV preachers Copeland and more praying for a vaxx instead of praying for healing..

  2. Well I'm 100% sure we haven't seen or the man of sin revealed or has anything happened with sun Nov moon not giving light but the rapture people to me just seem to wanna trump scripture, and following Rob for more than 5 years , if scripture says at the end of the tribulation of those days,, CHRIST WORDS TRUMP THESE KOOKS,, AS I WATCHED AND UNDERSTOOD THE TESTING THE GLOBE SERIES HE DID, I STAND FIRM THE EARTH IS FIXED, JOSHUA 10 TELLS US HE STOPPED SUN AND MOON CAUSE EARTH IS FIXED,,, BUT IDIOTS SAY THEIR UNDERSTANDING TRUMPS THE WORD.. I SAY THEY ARE THE 5 FOOLISH VIRGINS THAT TRUST MAN NOT HIS WORD

  3. I enjoyed watching the collaboration between you guys in this study. I must admit, I am not as well versed in the knowledge of the Bible as you guys are, but it was a blessing watching you. Be led by the Holy Spirit and he will guide you into all truth and show you things to come.

  4. Hi fellow brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus aka YESHUA! I love ya, and how exciting is it that the feast of trumpets is in 8min eastern standard time zone Im in, so awesome help me celebrate and blow your horns for the return of YESHUA aka JESUS the son of the most high, Yahweh. GOD ALL MIGHTY. AMEN

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