Declassified Documents Reveal Nuclear Attack on Washington DC ForYouTube

What if Fallout actually happens?

Declassified Documents Reveal Nuclear Attack on Washington DC

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  1. The end of March at 3:36 is very specific. Could it be 3/29? I mean, they've been programming the 9/23, 3/29 date into the populous for decades. Just another thought – 3:36 (3): 36 = 6/3 = (2) and 6+3 =(9). Just watch 'Shattered Union'. Their evil agenda is right there.

  2. That's probably why they have all these huge under ground bunkers they are probably storing away supplies and metals woods tractors gas fuel. and start over when this happens think about it there's under ground bunkers the size of cities. so to rebuild is easy with the supplies they store away. All they need to save the people that know how to build. Doctors

  3. Please please my brothers and sisters stop claiming the whole continent for ourselves we are the United States of America we sound so ignorant calling the whole continent as our country when we don't even allow people in from others so please please don't claim continent for ourselves seriously disagree with calling our country America sounds so ignorant

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