1. Flat earth, more fits the 'strong delusion ' religion, or belief system, than anything else during my life. Flat earth should be easily proven, by the wall ,or containment device, that should be at the edge.
    No photos or reports of the wall.
    Even though the flood of Noah was hugely cataclysmic, it doesn't seem logical that it would have eliminated ALL evidence of a fossil record, necessary to substantiate the evolution theory of the science religion. We're pretty sure that there are things that exist, which may not apply to the 5 physical senses.
    We 'feel' them.

  2. Evolution has been entirely undermined by the leaders of scientific philosophy for the last 15 years, which disregard Darwin’s evolution as a credible and viable theory that creates new species. Yet Dawkins doesn’t mention them ever, and all these men are brothers to him who destroys, but pseudo intellectually honest nonetheless, namely, David Berlinski, David Gelernter, and Stephen Meyer. Very interesting stuff!


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