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This is a mirrored video from Jason Kirby:

It always makes me laugh when ballers claim they have “seen the curvature” of the Earth from a commercial airline flight (at less than 40,000 feet). Please note that Blue Origin got to twice the altitude our weather balloons did – getting to over 240,000 feet. In our last weather balloon experiment, we got to just under 110,000 feet. We tried really hard to find a lens that would fit on a GoPro that didn’t have barrel distortion. We came close, but as tests on the ground later proved, the lens we had, while nowhere near the fisheye lens that is normally on a GoPro, still slightly curved the edges of flat surfaces. So, whenever you see the same “curvature” ON THE GROUND that you see “in space” you have to take into consideration what the lens is doing to the image.

Now let’s check out Blue Origin’s footage… and see the Earths alleged curvature from space with a 35mm CORRECTED camera Lens. Filmmakers use tools all the time to correct lens issues. Best thing to do if you doubt this process, is go out and start using the tools for yourself. Here are some links to help you get started:

7 Best Free Lens Distortion Correction Software

Using special editing Software and techniques, we can remove the Fisheye Camera effect that is seen in 99% of all Space Agency footage. All of Nasa’s earth facing Cameras are fitted with Fisheye lenses which in effect is not giving you the true viewing perspective. The footage featured here is from the Origin Shepard flight on April 2, 2016. The Fisheye Video Camera used is located in the GH2 Vent, just below the Booster’s Ring Fin. As you will see, after adjusting the Camera perspective from Fisheye to a 35mm lens, and even before the Origin leaves the ground, that the horizon is level and true all the way up in to space. You would think the Earths natural curvature would come in to view at the 85,000 feet mark, but no, the Earths curvature never comes in to view throughout the film. This raises questions especially as a Filmmaker.

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  1. If we expect to believe people who at it's top are Satanists and Nazis-than no thanks…
    I'm sure that many people at NASA and other space agencies doesn't even have a clue about this deception and they're honestly thinking and believing that they're helping spread some sort of truth but it's all a lie…

    Independant explorers who can afford it however is the people we might wanna listen to,except of course they're obviously deceving…either way The Big Bang is connected to evolution,because no Big Bang – No Evolution – the dinosaurs didn't die millions of years ago by a meteorite,but by the flood few thousand years ago and we have a problem…They have to say that it's God who created all…but they won't because Satan has always a counterfit explanation about everything in order to turn us away from the truth…

    Use your eyes and see and you won't see a curvature,even from a plane I couldn't see it.All I see is a flat plane that after certain distance,things start to disappear because of the density of the air and if someone says that boats and ships disappear after a distance over a body of water,and they go behind the curvature,then tell them to use binoculars 🙂 Somehow all of us can beat the curvature of the Earth by using a simple binocular-funny don't you think?

    The truth of the matter is that IT MATTERS,It matters how God Created our Earth and it matters the truth to be known to all people,because God didn't put the effort of creating everything around us,so that it would be changed for a deception.

    Trust alone in God and may He bless all of you folks,in Jesus Christ Holy name-Amen!

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