Leviticus 21 – 24 – Dramatized Audio – EMOR – The Word Audio (Cepher) FYTube

A dramatized reading of the CEPHER. Torah Portion Week 31 – EMOR

Leviticus 21 – 24

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Adam Fink

Male Dramatization:
Jake Grant, Adam Fink

Female Dramatization:
Ciara Grant, Victoria Young

*Some words have been re-translated from the Cepher, example — Firmament instead of expanse.

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  1. YAHUAH still deeply loves you brother. You are made in the image of YAH. So as long as you love YAHUAH EL SHADDAI with all of your heart, strength, soul, and mind, and love your fellow man, you are acceptable to YAHUAH. HalleluYAH le'orech yamim!!! YAH bless!!!!

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