The Spirit Realm: Fallen Angels, Washington DC, and the Return of Osiris ForYouTube

The Spirit Realm: Fallen Angels Washington DC and the Return of Osiris
America has a secret destiny that dates back long before the American Revolution to the time of Ancient Greece and Beyond. Washington D.C. is not what it seems!

I sat down with Justen Faull and Wes Faull from Faull Brothers Productions for this eye-opening interview on their film “Belly of the Best: Directors Cut”, you won’t believe what is revealed!

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End Times: The Beast of Revelation and America’s Secret Destiny

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  1. #1 we are NOT a Democracy our founding Fathers did not Set USA UP as a Democracy, we are a Constitutional Republic. The Parasites want Everyone to THINK this is a DEMOCRACY NATION WE ARE NOT, REALIZE THAT.

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