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Entities, sometimes known as ‘sleep demons’ or simply ‘spirits’ or ‘ghosts’, are something of a terrifying phenomena for people who experience sleep paralysis. Whilst not all people who experience sleep paralysis may suffer from one of these frightening episodes, it is not uncommon that the sufferer may experience hallucinations, whereby, according to modern science and psychology, the sufferer believes they are awake and believes that what they are experiencing is actually happening in real time. Indeed, for many schools of thought, it is concluded that the sufferer of an ‘Entity Attack’, is experiencing such a vivid, dream-like episode, that what they think they see, hear or feel isn’t actually there. In essence, the scientific consensus is that it’s their brain playing tricks on them.

On the other hand, if you ask anyone who’s suffered from sleep paralysis and seen something that wasn’t supposed to be there, you’ll have a hard time convincing them that this was all in their head. After all, many sufferers experience long term psychological distress after having had their encounters and for those who have seen, heard or felt something in their waking moments would no doubt attest that what they beheld was far too real to merely be a hallucination.







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★ Chapters ★

0:00 Intro
02:11 Mantasleep
05:13 What Is An Entity?
10:04 Historical Context
15:12 Entities In European Folklore
18:50 Entities as Jinn
21:17 Entities In American Folklore
23:37 Entities In Fiji
24:15 Entites In East Asian Folklore
25:25 Entities South Asian Folklore
26:28 Entities In African Folklore
27:59 The Scientific Explanation of Entities
31:15 Conclusion

– Entities
– Night Demons
– Succubus
– Incubus
– Mythology
– Folklore
– Nightmares
– Demons
– Demonology
– Lilith
– Mesopotamian Mythology
– Sleep Paralysis
– History

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Graham Plowman:​​​
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  1. While I was young and actively one of Jehovah's Witnesses, I frequently had nightmares where I couldn't move and imagined Satan being in the corner of my bedroom. It faded in adulthood as I imagined that I was fully protected by God. All I had to do was say God's name aloud and turn on the light. After doing that a few times, the night terrors stopped.

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