A Filmmaker’s Journey Part 2 (of 3) – Nurturing the SEED ForYouTube

In this part of my Filmmaker’s Journey trying to get SEED the Series off the ground, I take you from 2011 to 2019, showing what it looked like juggling research, being blacklisted, struggling with lack of funds, while still pushing forward doing whatever I could with whatever I had to work with at the time.

Websites and videos referenced in this one:

SEED the Series: https://seedtheseries.com​
Why We Need to be Culturally Relevant: https://youtu.be/P5qEjehxIoM​
Babylon Rising main site: http://babylonrisingbooks.com​
Babylon Rising blog site: http://www.babylonrisingblog.com​
Quest4Truth Series with Doug Hamp: http://www.quest4truth.net
SEED Audio Drama: https://seedtheseries.com/audio-drama
SEED Store: https://seedtheseries.com/seed-store
Judging the SEED Art Competition: https://youtu.be/zbfJqJWSETw
The original interview Jessica did with me: https://youtu.be/GohV2IxlMU4

What type of help are we looking for? Primarily those skilled in CGI and animation. A solid working knowledge of Unreal Engine is a must. For more qualifications, please see: https://youtu.be/JotI9i-1pF8 We will need very similar talent for SEED.​

If you’d like to support this project, please go here: https://seedtheseries.com/donations/youtube-gift

To learn more about the project, go here: https://seedtheseries.com/about

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  1. I think if you and Godrules channel guy collaborate it would be awsome. I mean more at least cuz u are both very smart and u probably have a better stage presence and he has. Idk I just think both of u together debating someone would be fantastic but last time I saw/watched was he wasn't so sure on flat earth. That would be great to get him more on board with that but I think u can help each other equally and both become more listened to throughout the world

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