Virtual House Church 2023 – Pekudei and starting Leviticus (From Rob’s 2014 broadcast) ForYouTube

Thanks for joining the VHC! This week we will wrap up the book of Exodus and Listen to Rob Skiba’s broadcast from 2014 on Vayikra the first portion in Leviticus.
Hosted by Jake Grant this week. For more info check out:

Exodus Weeks 22 & 23: Vayakhel & Pekudei

Leviticus Week 24: Vayikra

To get info on when Sheila Skiba’s Book will be released go to:

Other stuff to consider:
Join the VHC server! Rob made it for all the VHC Family to be able to continue the fellowship on a 24/7 bases. There is text chats and voice chats. Come check it out! Just click this link below and make your profile.

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