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For believers, angels are usually seen within scripture as divine beings that protect, help and even teach humans. We see many examples of this throughout the bible, such as when an angel gives wisdom to Hagar, telling her to return to Sarai, her master or when the angels instruct Lot to leave Sodom and Gomorrah and never look back. For the most part, angels can be seen in the bible as delivering good sense, providing motivation or even indirectly saving people’s lives by either altering their course or nudging them in the right direction. You might say that what can be learned from angels isn’t any specific knowledge, but rather advice or merit that either brings believers closer to their god or helps them navigate or avoid an otherwise disastrous situation.

But what about those angels of a different variety… those who have not only betrayed their creator, but also taken it upon themselves to become involved with humanity’s affairs by educating them in dark arts, forbidden magic and the holy secrets of heaven.







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★ Chapters ★
0:00 Intro
1:07 The Knowledge of Enochian Fallen Angels (Watchers)
2:12 How Samyaza Taught Mankind Witchcraft
5:06 How Azazel Taught Mankind How To Fight
10:04 The Forbidden Knowledge Of The Watchers
13:01 Conclusion

– Book of Enoch
– Fallen Angels
– Watchers
– Knowledge of Fallen Angels
– Good and Evil
– Apocrypha
– Angels
– Nephilim

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– The Book of Enoch

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  1. Personally like to interpret it that humanity corrupted the angels as much as the angels corrupted humanity.

    For humanity's women act as temptation, and the angels fall to it, just as man can. Showing a humanisation of the angels, and that temptation is a universal challenge, and the structure of the Heavens is far closer to the experience of being human than may be perceived otherwise. Most scripture is showing that God is learning, growing and struggles with the same things as man in many instances, and this was an early instance of shedding the undesirable weak willed angels from heaven (which is why it was allowed in the first place), which also lead to removing the undesirable humans from the Earth later during the flood which was in part set in motion by this instance.

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