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WARNING: We are not health professionals, and you should consult your family practitioner for advice.

🌱💪 Join us for an empowering radio show as Pastor Noble George, author Zen Garcia, and author Brett Lee Thomas explore holistic health practices amidst the challenges of modern living. 🍎🌐

In this transformative livestream, you can expect:

🍃 Holistic Insights: Journey into holistic health with Pastor Noble George, Zen Garcia, and Brett Lee Thomas as they share practical tips and wisdom. Learn how to thrive in a world filled with toxins and electronic frequencies.

🥗 Nutritional Wisdom: Discover the power of nourishing foods and natural remedies to support your well-being. Gain insights into making informed dietary choices despite a toxic food supply.

⚛️ Cellular Harmony: Explore practices for reducing cellular stress and mitigating electronic frequencies’ impact. Learn techniques to promote balance and harmony at the cellular level.

🙏 Faith-Focused Wellness: Understand the connection between holistic health and spiritual well-being. Explore how faith in Christ and salvation can underpin holistic living.

🌿 Building Biology Principles: Incorporate the core tenets of the Building Biology Institute into your health journey. Learn about creating healthier indoor environments and mitigating environmental stressors.

🎙️ Expert Panel: Engage with Pastor Noble George, Zen Garcia, and Brett Lee Thomas during the live Q&A. Pose questions, share experiences, and gain insights into holistic health practices.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embrace holistic wellness with Pastor Noble George, Zen Garcia, and Brett Lee Thomas. Tune in live, embrace the wisdom, and empower yourself to thrive. 🌟🌿 #HolisticHealth #BuildingBiology #NurturingBodyAndSpirit

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  1. Test the wall at the head of your bed. Might have to sleep with your head at the other end . Test the walls in hotel rooms. Sleeping in a bed with your head next to an emf wall for 8 hrs causes illness.

  2. Early in the show someone said they felt attacked while by computers. Computers are portals and that attacking feeling was actually probably real demons. I wonder when they were (attacking). Did it kinda feel like being electrocuted? I had a very similar situation. Could it be these things do something with electricity like live on it. This stuff is actually happening folks.

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