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📖✨ Prepare to uncover the untold depths of Job’s saga as acclaimed author Zen Garcia, joined by cohost Lisa George, embarks on a riveting radio show dedicated to unraveling the true story of this enigmatic biblical figure. 🌟🔍

In this captivating livestream, you can expect:

🔍 Biblical Exploration: Dive deep into the sacred scriptures with Zen Garcia and Lisa George as they navigate the intricate passages of Job’s narrative. Explore the layers of meaning and uncover the hidden truths concealed within the text.

📚 Extrabiblical Insights: Delve into the wealth of extrabiblical and ancient biblical manuscripts that shed light on Job’s story. From the Book of Enoch to the Testament of Job, discover how these texts offer additional perspectives and expand our understanding of this timeless tale.

💡 Character Analysis: Explore the complexities of Job’s character and the moral dilemmas he faces. Gain insight into his unwavering faith, his struggles with suffering, and his journey toward redemption.

🌟 Cohost Collaboration: Experience the dynamic synergy between Zen Garcia and Lisa George as they collaborate to piece together the full story of Job. Witness their shared passion for biblical exploration and their dedication to uncovering ancient truths.

🎙️ Interactive Discussion: Engage in a thought-provoking dialogue with Zen, Lisa, and fellow viewers during the live Q&A session. Pose questions, share insights, and contribute to the exploration of Job’s profound narrative.

Don’t miss this opportunity to embark on a transformative journey through the true story of Job with Zen Garcia and Lisa George. Tune in live, embrace the wisdom, and unlock the mysteries that lie within this timeless biblical tale. 🌌📘 #job #biblicalexploration #ancientwisdom

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