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So when will the Anunnaki return to Earth? “The answer to this question has preoccupied Mankind for millenia. But the question is not only “if” and “when.” What will the Return signal, and what will it bring with it? Will it be a benevolent coming, or—as when the Deluge was looming— bring about the End?
Which prophecies would come true: a Messianic Time, the Second Coming, a new Beginning—or perhaps a catastrophic Apocalypse, the Ultimate End, Armageddon…

It is the last possibility that shifts these prophecies from the realm of theology or mere curiosity to a matter of Mankind’s very survival; for Armageddon (aka Har-Megiddo), a term that has come to denote a war of unimagined calamitous scope, is in fact the name of a specific place in a land that has been subjected to threats of nuclear annihilation.”

Follow along as the Archive delves into the work of Zecharia Sitchin and his End of Days.

PART ONE: Anunnaki Exodus

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