Unraveling the Mystery of the Rivers with Zen Garcia & Tim Schwab ForYouTube

🌿🌊 Prepare to embark on an extraordinary radio show as author Zen Garcia and cohost Tim Schwab from The God Culture YouTube channel journey into the depths of biblical history and ancient texts to unravel the enigmatic rivers of the Garden of Eden. πŸ“œπŸ—ΊοΈ

In this captivating livestream, you can expect:

πŸ” Biblical Insights: Dive deep into the sacred pages of the Bible as Zen Garcia and Tim Schwab explore the passages detailing the rivers of Eden. Gain profound insights into the geographical and spiritual significance of these ancient waters.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Ancient Maps: Journey through time with Zen Garcia and Tim Schwab as they examine ancient Bible maps and historical documents, tracing the course of the rivers mentioned in Genesis. Discover how these ancient cartographic clues shed light on the location of Eden’s waters.

πŸ“š Extrabiblical Texts: Explore the rich tapestry of extrabiblical texts and ancient manuscripts that offer additional insights into the rivers of Eden. Uncover hidden gems of wisdom and unlock the secrets of these ancient scriptures.

🌐 Cohost Collaboration: Experience the dynamic synergy between Zen Garcia and Tim Schwab as they collaborate to unravel the mysteries surrounding Eden’s rivers. Witness their shared passion for biblical history and their dedication to uncovering ancient truths.

πŸŽ™οΈ Interactive Discussion: Engage in a lively discussion with Zen, Tim, and fellow viewers during the live Q&A session. Pose questions, share insights, and contribute to the exploration of Eden’s waters as we navigate the currents of biblical history together.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Zen Garcia and Tim Schwab on an enlightening journey through the rivers of the Garden of Eden. Tune in live, embrace the wisdom, and uncover the hidden treasures waiting to be discovered within the ancient waters. 🌟🌊 #GardenOfEden #BiblicalHistory #AncientTexts

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  1. I hate to say brother Zen. Now yourself my most loved and appreciated brother, you're a rock star of the greatest kind. I looked into your guests' productions. Some of those videos endings could come fast enough. There's nothing fast about any of them. I hate to be critical and the only reason am now is to bring forth an understanding, and a awareness. Jesus made it overwhelming clear what we would go through. How we would be viewed, rejected, despised, and hated above all. They hated him first so let no one make light of the challenges we face throughout our mission here.
    Sounds like a mine field and we don't need to be counterproductive or do more damage making it harder for other's who have enough challenges already.
    Here's an example. The word beguiled. Could you only give partial information to support a given narrative ??b Brother Zen… You and I know exactly what that word means.
    Ok here it is as best as I know how to with love and good intentions. While getting enough emphasis to bring forth an understanding of how damaging and destructive it can be because sometimes you only get one chance and never lose sight of that. Little humor can be help a lot. But when sarcasm becomes a chip on one's should going on and on and on until it makes the message twice as long.
    The juvenile noise drowns most of the message. Possibly future one's as well. I just don't think one could make a video being in favor yet turn away it's usefulness.
    It's the way of the GORP to honest. Consider yourself fortunate if you're unfamiliar.
    A GORP is someone who farts in the bathtub then with determination bites at the bubbles! LOL hahaha.
    That's not what the body of Christ needs to consist of. Lol
    See a little humor to relay how bad they sound and lose all restraint to limit bad taste.
    That's all from me and I what to tell you how great I am to have your playlists available throughout my day. Love ya.

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