2021 Virtual House Church – Bible Study – Week 24: Vayikra ForYouTube

This is the 2021 Week 24 Torah portion – Vayikra – with related studies from the Prophets and New Testament.

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Leviticus Week 24: Vayikra

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  1. I saw Adam Fink's program last night and he was explaining that Yahusha probably descended from both the House of Yahuda and the House of Levi. That makes this Covenant of Salt interesting to me. Salt is a preservative. 🤔

  2. ººWe can see for ourselves that our cosmos is a carousel and its pole runs from Polaris (The North Star) to the center of our home the North Pole. This means Earth is literally the center of creation and measurable time lapse photography of star trails tells us that this is not just a case of perception. It shows us that the stars are sharing the same plane and not light years apart.
    ºPlanets are not worlds, they are Chief or Wondering stars and stars are not distance suns. Stars appear to be electrical and no two look the same, whereas the Sun is gaseous.
    Why wouldn’t every atom be alive and at least semi-intelligent ? I have no problems at all with stars being angels. The first time I look at a star through a telescope I just knew it was alive.
    In reality the Sun looks gentle and warm but what NASA presents is monstrous, it looks like it wants to kill us. They’re using scare tactics. What NASA fills ours eyes with is TV images, it's the same thing as Star Trek, Star Wars or any other space movie. None of it is real and I’m saying this as a big Star Trek fan.
    ºThe government doesn't educate us for our future, they educate us for their future.

  3. Shalom I had to stop watching when you brought up Sid Roth / Super Natural. Did you know he often teaches how to speak in tongues? He does this before the Show, and during Breaks of his show. Cause someone in the Audience will ask about Tongues. Basically he covers just start making noises. Scripture states that the "Prayer" Tongues he is covering can't be Uttered Rom 8:26, so if I can "Copy" what you are saying/noise making then it is NOT Prayer Tongues. I have been to a few churches which did the "Gobbly Gook Tongues" and even before my Ephraim Wake Up, there was no "Shalom" but Darkness in those. Many of those people who started like Sid Teaches, clearly have problems r/t scripture, and how they act. The #1 Thing Sid covers is coming back from the Dead Guests. The Parable of Yeshua, of Rich Man & Lazarus clearly cover people do not come back from the Dead. But he brings on many who went to Hell or Heaven and usually cover things against scripture. The "Jesus" the usually see is the White / Blond / Blue Eye one. I did watch him, until I had the Ephraim Wake up, then I can't remember a single show that I would see as Biblical. Sorry, but do your research on Sid Roth before using him as a Reference for ANYTHING. I had to stop watching. Sorry Rob, Juan & Jake, but anyone awake to Faith of Abraham, could NOT even think of using or watching anything from Sid. Why, using him as a Reference will also "Commend" to watch his show. Yes, Yeshua brought people back from the Dead, and no where do any of those brought back do they discusses what they saw, heard, etc. When I Ephraim woke up I tried to continue watching his shows, but felt nothing but "DARKNESS" it did not matter what the Topic. Yes, there may be "Codes" in Scripture, but if it comes from Sids mouth or one of his "Guests" it will be usually twisted, and FAR from Scripture. I would Trust "Billy Sunday" more than Sid. (Billy invented the "Sinners Prayer" that has probably sent more people with a False Hope into Hell then any other) but if one removes that from Billy Sunday teachings he was scriptural a lot more often than Sid. I don't care if Sid might have it right with Bible "Codes" he gets more wrong than right r/t Scripture. So why use him, and in a way "Commend" him? I would even trust Joel Osteen over Sid, but Joel is more Con Man than Preacher. Research Sid as much as you have FE you would run from him and his show and his teachings. Every one of his shows no matter what the Topic, people are more interested in studying what he covered, NEVER to go and read their Bible.

  4. The puzzling thing about what they say about Jesus being the transliteration of Yeshua is that Joshua, the replacement for Moses had the same name but his name is nothing close to Jesus in the scripture. It just doesn't make any sense.

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