This 15th Century Text Revealed The ‘Truth’ About Women | Malleus Maleficarum Explained ForYouTube

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The late mediaeval and early modern periods were marked by a widespread fear of witchcraft and the subsequent persecution of individuals, primarily women, who were accused of being not only ‘witches’, but those who went as far as to copulate with the devil himself. The “Malleus Maleficarum” played a significant role in promoting and legitimising such persecution. After being spearheaded by infamous inquisitors Heinrich Kramer and Jacob Sprenger, the text, often referred to as the “Hammer of Witches,” was used as a manual for witch-hunters, providing them with instructions on identifying, interrogating, and punishing witches in the 15th century.







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★ Chapters ★

0:00 Intro
3:47 Hammer of Witches Chapter VI (At A Glance)
7:20 Analysis of Chapter VI
10:34 The Evils of the Tongue
12:34 The Evils of the Church
14:38 The Evils of Women
24:13 Can Women Be Good?
27:43 Why Women Are More Susceptible To Witchcraft?
43:45 Conclusion


– Malleus Maleficarum
– Hammer of Witches
– Heinrich Kramer
– Witches
– Witchcraft
– Angels
– Demons

📚 Sources and Further Reading 📚

– Malleus Maleficarum, Heinrich Kramer
– Senneca’s Tragedies
– The Rhetorics, Cicero
– Ecclesiasticus
– Genesis (Old Testament)

🎨 Artwork/Illustrations by
Miriam Salib (
Karlo Lottersberger (
Iro Pagis (…)

🎬 Animation by
Michael Merc (

🎶 Music by
Graham Plowman:​​​
Derek/Brandon Fietcher:​​​


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  1. Eve was as a child when beguiled by Satan. Adam on the other hand had been alive long enough to name every animal. 1000 years ? Adam learned the forbidden knowledge from Eve in an attempt to save her.
    He gambled his long term relationship with his Father would see them both saved.
    Or was the forbidden knowledge carnal ? Had Eve layed with satan. And Adam then took it from Eve. Cain was evil. He may have been Satan's child ?

  2. I’m a woman and have to say statistically women are more
    Acceptable to magic and evil. I hate that is a fact! I guess some women are stronger than others but they are more acceptable than men. Love your channel! ❤hope you have Jesus Christ in your heart! Shalom …. Maranatha! Hopefully it’s because we are more in touch with spirituality. So either the Holy Spirit comes in or something very bad 🙁 I kind of agree with Kramer. We do have trouble keeping are tongues at bay! Smart man in my opinion but I do NOT AGREE with burning witches at the steak. But evil shall be brought to light.
    Unfortunately we know that’s usually where the demonic comes in. I guess it’s an easy access is women 🙁 oh god… bless Kramer because all women are not spiritually evil but yes I think they are more susceptible.

  3. So far I'm 6:25 in and for the most part I heard no lies told about women. I'm not afraid of them and call it as they present themselves online. Less intelligent is where I draw the line, (because we all stupidity injected daily by our culture). To conclude I'm just saying let's not act as if the author of MM was completely out of pocket.

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