Torah Portion Week 1 – Genesis 1-6:8 (Creation – Nephilim – Giants – Dinosaurs) 2024 – 2025 ForYouTube

Torah Portion Week 1 – Beresheet – Genesis 1-6:8

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  1. Sorry Adam, but the word seasons really means the seasons of the year not the Holy Days of God. The word was changed by the rabbis who looked for the moon just like their babilonian captors ! Search for yourself and see how the moon affects the seasons. It’s common knowledge even for a flat earth! Ask our Heavenly Father to help you understand! If the sun tells us when the day starts and ends, it doesn’t make sense to rely on the moon to know when the month starts. Remember the sun was created on the 4th day and during that battle when Yehoshua prayed for the sun and moon to stay still (the earth not a globe 😊), the day became two days. Therefore the year is 365.4 days. The .4 has something to do with the sun moving on the dial during Hezekiah’s reign. A month has 30 days starting from the spring equinox and at the end of 360 days 5/6 days added called the days of nothing. Job is speaking about these as days not counted in the year. When Israel came out of Egypt, the Egyptians had the same calendar and God did not correct it!

  2. As for me and my house, we will serve Yahuah 🙌🏽 My church is a church of 3. My wife and my newborn son and I. Trying our best to follow in the ways of our Elohiym Elyon. A few years ago I got paralyzed from the chest down and lung removed from a major accident. Regardless of circumstances we must persevere and continue to grow the kingdom. Baruch Atah Yahuah Elohaynu 🎉

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