Elon Musk Tells Joe Rogan why America is Falling Apart ForYouTube

Elon Musk said some very interesting things on the Joe Rogan podcast the other day, you need to see this!

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  1. I believe he is extremely smart and not sure about him completely. I do believe he doesn't want the extinction of humanity, he just bought Google and guess guy they showed first will be resigning or fired..lol.. I have been praying for him and I pray you all will. I believe he has a heart, just pray he finds the truth. Also he believes in free speech and x is a result of his beliefs. He also has lost many backers because he allowed this on his platform. He told everyone to f**k themselves. He doesn't want their advertisement to be on his platform. So got say he is starting to break away or wake up, if he was a part of this demonic agenda. He needs God as we all do.

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