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Tonight my guest is Joseph G. Jordon, a 27 year member of the Mutual UFO Network. Serving as the MUFON National Director of South Korea, Joe brings a unique (Christian) perspective to the topics of UFOs and so-called “alien abduction” scenarios.

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  1. I really loved his comments about the fiery serpents. For those of us who have been studying the Torah for several years, it was a gracious reminder of WHO to keep our eyes on…..

    The more I sit and ponder what he was saying the clearer the reality of…….it certainly sheds new light on the modern day venom of the serpent in those "little glass containers with the fang at the end"…..

  2. God bless you for taking on this essential topic, Rob. Nearly all Christians are in the smirk & mock category and totally unprepared for what’s coming, no, what’s already long since here. Most of the rest of the folks—the keyboard hacks—say “poo poo” and wind up on science fiction, as Joe mentioned. Serious, open-minded, informed researchers wind up in the living nightmare, but—good news—a nightmare that Jesus defeated. I’ve applied that victory countless times against that realm and those actors.

    We must be very strong in the Word and the Spirit: the deception is going to become vastly more intense, such that any carnal reasoning, whether by Christian or otherwise, WILL be deceived.

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