OOPARTS Definitive Edition – 30 Out of Place Artifacts ForYouTube

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OOParts Definitive Edition comprises an extensive list of artifacts that are considered out of place or time. This compilation of artifacts is in no particular order, nor does the Archive judge the validity of the entries on the list. We are simply providing our viewers with the information, and you can make your own judgments and determinations regarding these anomalous discoveries.

00:00 Introduction
00:55 Antikeythera Mechanism
03:36 Abydos War Machines
05:39 Auid Wedge
07:23 Baghdad Battery
09:25 The Baigong Pipes
12:37 Dendera Lightbulb
14:44 Dropa Stones
17:37 The Fuenta Magna Bowl
19:37 The Genetic Disc
22:34 The Goddard Coin (Maine Penny)
25:07 Great Wall of Texas
27:46 The Ica Stones
30:04 The Kaluga Screw
32:10 The London Hammer
35:16 Los Lunas Decalogue Stone
37:49 The Nampa Figurine
40:33 The Ottosdal Spheres
42:14 Piri Reis and Orontius Finaeus Maps
46:30 Quimbaya Aircraft
48:45 Rama’s Bridge
51:08 The Saqqara Bird
53:08 The Schist Disk
56:55 The Toprakkale Rocket
58:56 The Ubaid Figurines
01:00:16 The Ulfbehrt Swords
01:02:04 The Petradox (Williams Enigmalith)
01:04:03 Stone Spheres of Costa Rica
01:06:32 King Tut’s Dagger
01:09:30 Modern Human DNA
01:12:23 Additional OoPArts
01:13:14 Credits

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  1. Alex Collier and others stated that the Human race are a mix of 22 different Extraterrestrial races. That could mean that the Anunnaki who genetically engineered an existing Hybrid Humanoid that existed in this planet were also a Hybrid race themselves. A Genetically engineered specie built for War, that a break away. I could only imagine when we human can do the same in the future and will repeat that has been done throughout the galaxy. Autonomous AI robotics and cloning is just a primitive stage of these technology. That could be the reason why these little Gray aliens all looks the same, no facial difference unlike humans, for these are highly advance robots or what ever they call it.

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