Anunnaki and African Gold – Gaia Special ForYouTube

Anunnaki and South African Gold is presented courtesy of @GaiaVideo in partnership with Ancient Astronaut Archive.

Did an advanced ancient civilization vanish from Southern Africa as a result of the Great Flood?

Were modern humans created through genetic manipulation to mine gold for the ancient gods?

Did humanity inherit its obsession for gold from these ancient gods?

What are the secrets of the substance known as monoatomic gold?

Join us for this episode of Hidden Origins featuring Michael Tellinger as he answers these questions and presents evidence in support of Zecharia Sitchin’s research into the Anunnaki Earth mission to procure gold and save their home world.

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  1. Awesome Series but Random Thought I Just wonder If Aliens Being Is Anunnki Gods I Wonder Is Inanna Active Just Wondering I overthink Everything but Its been on my mind heavily since American Government Finally Admit Aliens Exist which Us AAA Fans knew already it was so much Proof we have this YT channel 😊

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