Exploring Eden’s Waters: Unraveling the Mystery of the Rivers with Zen Garcia & Tim Schwab ForYouTube

🌿🌊 Prepare to embark on an extraordinary radio show as author Zen Garcia and cohost Tim Schwab from The God Culture YouTube channel journey into the depths of biblical history and ancient texts to unravel the enigmatic rivers of the Garden of Eden. πŸ“œπŸ—ΊοΈ

In this captivating livestream, you can expect:

πŸ” Biblical Insights: Dive deep into the sacred pages of the Bible as Zen Garcia and Tim Schwab explore the passages detailing the rivers of Eden. Gain profound insights into the geographical and spiritual significance of these ancient waters.

πŸ—ΊοΈ Ancient Maps: Journey through time with Zen Garcia and Tim Schwab as they examine ancient Bible maps and historical documents, tracing the course of the rivers mentioned in Genesis. Discover how these ancient cartographic clues shed light on the location of Eden’s waters.

πŸ“š Extrabiblical Texts: Explore the rich tapestry of extrabiblical texts and ancient manuscripts that offer additional insights into the rivers of Eden. Uncover hidden gems of wisdom and unlock the secrets of these ancient scriptures.

🌐 Cohost Collaboration: Experience the dynamic synergy between Zen Garcia and Tim Schwab as they collaborate to unravel the mysteries surrounding Eden’s rivers. Witness their shared passion for biblical history and their dedication to uncovering ancient truths.

πŸŽ™οΈ Interactive Discussion: Engage in a lively discussion with Zen, Tim, and fellow viewers during the live Q&A session. Pose questions, share insights, and contribute to the exploration of Eden’s waters as we navigate the currents of biblical history together.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join Zen Garcia and Tim Schwab on an enlightening journey through the rivers of the Garden of Eden. Tune in live, embrace the wisdom, and uncover the hidden treasures waiting to be discovered within the ancient waters. 🌟🌊 #GardenOfEden #BiblicalHistory #AncientTexts

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  1. Wow! It'd be really nice to be able to see the maps that you're offering. I've seen them on TGC channel, but I'm sure there are many watching, who haven't seen them. They'll have to jump over to your channel and view these vids, to see the maps.

  2. Euphrates meets Tigris, then flows south to meet Gihon ( today's Karun river from Iran), and Pishon from west, (today a dried up huge riverbed Wadi Rumah from Saudi Arabia.)
    Then 4 rivers become 1 and flow out to the Persian Gulf. Somewhere around Abadan in South Iran or in the southern marshes of Kuwait was our Garden of Eden.

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