Spring has finally sprung, what an amazing time of the (new) year! After the dreary months of winter, spring is certainly welcomed for many reasons. Warmth returns, the abundant rain, plant life, and much more. Also around this time, many discussions within the assembly of YHWH arise regarding the calendar. Specifically, these exchanges are centered around the calculation of the new year, Abib.

For those unaware, the Hebrew calendar is not the same as the Gregorian, which is what the secular world operates on. The Hebrew new year actually occurs in the March to April time frame, not January 1st as we have been accustomed to. Nevertheless, disputes emerge on the application of how Abib 1 is ‘observed’, or determined. The modern-day Jewish method involves the observation of the ripening barley to determine the new month. This study will be examining this practice in great detail, comparing it with scripture. After all, we are instructed to remove the leaven from our homes, which we have learned is not purely a physical exercise, but spiritual and doctrinal in nature also.

Our goal with this study to examine the standard practice, compare it to the Word and make sure we are doing things according to His commands, and not by the traditions of men.

The article link: https://parableofthevineyard.com/biblical-new-year-abib-1-barley-or-heavenly-lights/

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  1. Shalom brother, praise YAHUAH Almighty for this study. I have a question, so much reference has been made to the equinox/ equatorial line; I wonder why, since the earth is founded ( and not a sphere orbiting in space)?

  2. Shalom!
    This has been a topic of desire for me to better understand, thank you and bless you.
    2:32 Here in eastern Ontario it’s the return of the chirping chickadees and soon tulips
    12:04 makes sense why they are continually spraying the sky (barium aluminum aka Baal) in an attempt to confuse and stop the process
    54:13 the calendar I have shows the 8th to be NY Eve and the 22nd as Nissan 14 PO Eve

  3. My question I would like to hear debated relates to the instructions in the Torah: when is the barley to be harvested? Is it before the men go to Jerusalem for the week of unleavened bread or after the 7 day festival they go back to their fields and gather in the harvest? Do they all bring a first fruits offering from their fields to Jerusalem or does the High Priest harvest the first fruits offering from their field outside Jerusalem? PS I'm on day seven of Passover this year.

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