2021 Virtual House Church – Bible Study – Joshua Week 1 Chazak v-ematz ForYouTube

This is the Week 1 of Joshua portion – Chazak v’ematz – with related studies from Torah, Prophets and New Testament.

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Links to some of the things we discussed:
Dictionary of Scripture Names: http://biblecentre.org/content.php?mo…

Leviticus 26, Ezekiel 4 and the Fullness of the Gentiles: https://ephraimawakening.com/leviticu…

Other stuff to consider:

Redeeming the Bride: https://youtu.be/XCrzkbBOWmE
Identity Crisis: https://youtu.be/JJD_ZWpeWE8
The Lost Sheep: https://youtu.be/CVH0qGLJwvA
The Error of Dispensationalism: https://youtu.be/5RL2hZSpKEE
Nailed to the Cross: https://vimeo.com/66438322

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  1. If we all would just open our hearts and listen to those who understand the count of days to the Appointed Times and how Chanok explained the Solar start to the year, completely separate from the Lunar, Gregorian or Babylonian religious calendars, then we would have 364 days only and 12 months in iYaHUaH’s count and the pause to wait for the start according to the Equinox.
    Then we might all celebrate the Festivals together, and not splintered because of religious doctrines.
    Seek The RUaCh of Truth and of Wisdom and open your senses, then listen to reason, not unlike understanding the Names, and find togetherness.

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