Scientific proof that the Bible is true. Through evidence from real science, we’ll show you that the Bible is the real story of how God created the world and how we can live peacefully and happily ever after.

Believe it or not, the Bible is actually based on real science. In this video, we’ll share with you some of the scientific proof that the Bible is true. Don’t miss this incredible video!
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  1. They certainly were wrong about the bible,
    Q: How do we know if God is real?
    (without trying to discredit your faith in God)
    A: Because of all of the manipulative religions that exist as written words against him, would have had to be initial advertisements of his work, at the date that they were re-scripted.
    Are you able to make the ultimate sacrifice (of sorts) and learn the bibles (religions) intended disposition of God?
    Religions (relative) bibles etc are the written forms of the broadcasted cycles of The Giza Pyramids, their Messiahs are praised on the same day as the Pyramid of Giza’s (actual positional) alignment to the North Star (the 25th Dec) and also the Saturn and Winter solstice celebrations, their forms are also the localised cycles of Saturnia (Satan to some) which could only be understood then as a recurring argument between Nature, it was presented then as Light vs Darkness, The Pyramids North alignment is also Earths relative speed of light (299,792,458 m/s)
    It’s important to understand that the intellectual capacity of Mankind in its relative time, is what enabled the repositioning of the written word, that’s been purposefully misused to form submissive masses (environments) of Governed compliance that are restricted by their physical and spiritual states.
    Ask yourself, If Charles Manson led a brainwashing cult, then what was it that Charles Windsor’s line bought to you all?
    King James versions? Catholicism through their religious submission to Roman ways? etc etc
    It should also be obvious that for the written word to be delivered as enslavement to its mass, the re-scripting of those definitive events, would have had to have been written cleverly to be a usable (but false) cohesion about acts carried out by human vessels of God.
    And now ask yourself do you believe God is worthy of The Truth?
    Jas THAT bloodline

  2. ✝ All will finally kneel and confess that Jesus Christ is God our Creator! The eternity of the God-deniers will be decided/established by what they did with Jesus! All truly awakened by the Holy Spirit of Jesus, their eternity will in the gift of faith be determined by what God in His Body has done for those who received Him as their personal Lord/God and Savior! In them and over them the Righteousness of Jesus is applied, in contrast to the Deniers, who will stand before Jesus unchanged in their sin, guilt and shame, which means Gehenna forever! ✝

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