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There have been countless UFO cases and reports over the centuries, but one area of potential extraterrestrial phenomena that doesn’t seem to get as much attention is that of strange things beneath the waters of our world. USOs, which is an acronym for “Unidentified Submerged Objects,” are basically UFOs that can enter and exit bodies of waters such as oceans and lakes. While these phenomena aren’t as well known to the public as UFOs, USOs have a well-documented history that goes back much further that you may realize.

This list of USO reports and potential bases is but a sample of the hundreds if not thousands of encounters that have been reported. For the sake of brevity, the Archive compiled a list that represents some of the better-known encounters.

00:00 Introduction
04:49 Christopher Columbus
05:56 John Winthrop
06:42 USS Supply
07:35 Hudson River
08:30 Delanof
08:52 Thor Hyerdahl
09:37 Groote Beer
10:19 Kitsukawa Maru
10:51 Laguna Beach
11:32 Raduga
12:07 Shag Harbor Incident
13:04 Admiral Domislovsky
13:47 Dawn Princess
15:02 Gulf of Mexico
15:39 Lake Michigan
16:31 Oahu, Hawaii
19:38 Baltic Sea Anomaly
21:01 Solomon Islands
22:09 Lake Baikal
24:09 Puffin Island
25:05 Lake Ontario
26:27 Puerto Rico
27:45 Guantanamo Bay
29:25 A.U.T.E.C.
32:52 Tulum
34:40 Lake Titicaca
36:46 Channel Islands, CA
40:51 Conclusion
42:23 Credits
43:07 Supplement A – Top-secret Memo
57:32 Supplement B – Complete Lake Titicaca Footage

Reference videos:
History f the UFO – https://youtu.be/eyCziOrLm-U
Ancient Aircraft in India – https://youtu.be/YnQbMhW51pA
Spaceports of the Anunnaki – https://youtu.be/gSCRu2039GM

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  1. I'm going to say something here that I have never said to anyone other than my immediate family. I have been abducted many times. One of these times, I was taken to an underwater city. I kept searching the internet for anyone else that had this experience and found nothing. I just figured I was going crazy. Finally, we are starting to hear about UFO underwater cities.

  2. The Oppenheimer / Einstein report says / contains , sooo much .
    Thoroughly recommend this program . It simply displays documented factual reports , layer upon layer .
    no shite illiterate robotic voice overs , just ~ have a look at this ; and , see what u make of it stylie*

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