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There are as many as five apocryphal books that go by the name ‘Book of Jasher’ – all of which appear to have been forgeries or composed much later than biblical times. In this series, I chose to use the most accessible version of the Book of Jasher I could find as a basis for the narrative, which is translated from Hebrew and dates back to the year 1613. Whilst I did alter the language – most notably the dialogue of the characters, you’ll find that the framework and the story itself remains the same, as well as running mostly parallel to the events of the Old Testament. The Book of Jasher, known in Hebrew as ‘Sepir Ha Yasher’, is believed to mean ‘Book of the Upright’ or ‘the Upright or Correct Record’. What makes the book so controversial is that it was believed in some circles to be a lost book that is mentioned a couple of times in the bible, most notably by Joshua and David respectively.







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★ Chapters ★

0:00 Book of Jasher Chapter 1
5:23 Analysis of Jasher vs Genesis

– Adam and Eve
– Creation Story
– Book of Jasher
– The First Humans
– The First Sinners
– Rebellion
– Descendants of Adam
– Cainan
– Zillah
– Apocrypha

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– Book of Jasher (1613):

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  1. Whether or not any of the evens of the bible, including the parts that were taken out happened. Whether all of the magical parts of the story happened. Whether there is a godly being that started the universe spinning and walk away forgetting to check back in on the progress or as the religious play it that was there with a body that the Adam could be made in the image of. Given that the Bible says that all i have to do is ask for a sign from him, still been waiting some 40 years on that one.
    None of it holds any bearing on the here and now. It holds no more bearing than the time of King Arthur or the writings about his own time from Nostrodomus. No matter how much a modern religious person may try to claim that it does.
    The funny thing is that the only kind of a being that can convince me that the Bible about a long ago then has any bearing on my here and now is an all powerful being in the here and now.

  2. See the Bible is actually an archive of "God" being an incompetent master for mankind, and the reason for that is because if we truly were "His creation" he would know that everyone reverts back to their old habits as it is their true nature. We rebel against him because we do not actually belong to him. If we did, we would all obey mindlessly. He also would not be worried about going by many names, forms or titles. He would take the energy from all forms of worship. He is not our creator. We do not have JUST ONE CREATOR. If we did then when Caine was sent to the land of Nod after killing Abel, he would not have met a lover amd had children especially considering that if you go by that logic the only person capable of giving him a child that existed at that time was his own mother Eve and she wasn't in the land of Nod, she was with Adam still in a quickeningly abusive marriage due to "God's" curse of Enmity that he put on the two of them because they ate from the tree of knowledge.

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