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Disclaimer: DON’T TRY EXORCISMS AT HOME (you know, just in case…)

When we think of exorcisms, it’s pretty natural for us to think about some poor soul strapped to a bed as they speak in tongues or give off a maniacal threat to those in attendance. We likely imagine a priest throwing holy water at the incapacitated man or woman who’s been ‘possessed’ by some demonic force and we can probably expect to hear that priest rolling off a dozen prayers as he aims a crucifix with all the confidence of a man holding a 12 gauge shotgun. Where does this imagery come from? Well, movies. It’s pretty much the only time many of us have ever seen an exorcism – in the movies. Often enough though, the exorcisms here become a showcase of a demon’s powers – a last ditch attempt by the demon to resist the priest by causing things to fly around the room or to suddenly use the force to splat people into walls. In other cases, it isn’t a person that’s possessed by a demon – it’s a place and that very dwelling is what is exercised as the demon is chased away. In movies like the 1973 Exorcist – which is arguably what set off our modern perspective of exorcisms, a combination of elements are utilised in an effort to banish the malignant spirit, including prayers, holy water and even logic. But in this traditional battle between the forces of good and evil, how accurate is it compared to the real exorcisms that are conducted in the world today? In today’s episode, we’ll aim to explore where the idea of exorcisms was hatched up from in history and how the ceremony has evolved over the years.







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★ Chapters ★

0:00 Intro
02:40 What Is An Exorcism?
03:37 Was Jesus The First Exorcist? (Exorcisms In The Bible)
13:08 Exorcisms In Catholicism
21:45 When Is An Exorcism Required?
23:10 The Legacy of the Exorcism In The Modern Era
26:11 Outro

– Exorcisms
– History
– Exorcists
– Witchcraft
– Demons
– Mythology

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  1. Speaking of The Exorcist, it's a shame the third movie, Legion, didn't get the popularity it deserved due to the god-awful second movie. It was pretty good, specially the acting and atmosphere, which is not surprising since the original author of the novel William Peter Blatty wrote and directed the movie

  2. Not gonna lie. The story of the possessed man who tells Jesus "I am Legion… For we are many" is probably the most disturbing moment in the entire Bible. It literally leaves you terrified. It even inspired the plot of horror movies like "The Exorcist III: Legion"

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