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Thank you for joining the VHC! We continue our study through 2 Samuel.

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  1. As far as forever with the Sabbath given to the Israelites in the old Covenant we may have a Sabbath day during the millennium but you have to take it in context as time will be no more after the Thousand Years eliminating what you would think forever. That's taken out of context as I just proved but Colossians chapter 2 says let no man judge you by the day you keep and Peter and the early Christians and act met broke bread and kept the first day as that was the day he rose then on the Sabbath they were in the temple preaching Christ to the Jews not keeping a Sabbath day. So you do what you want but it would be nice if you posted some of Rob's great work from the past

  2. When will you ever post some of Rob's past videos or do I have to dig them up as I'm not into ritualistic Torah or Sabbath keeping but the Bible says let no man judge you by the day you keep Romans I believe chapter 13 it says one man esteems one day and another man another so again let every man have a day if he likes. Personally the Bible says Jesus came to bring us Eternal rest and the Sabbath was a shadow of things to come and given in the old Covenant to the early Israelites.

  3. Thank you Jake and Juan Carlos for my Torah portion. I am so glad to hear are feeling better brother Juan hope your wife is doing better.There is a video of a giant that's in black and white but has a giant in it. Sorry I'm not sure what the name of the video is. Pharmacia-whichcraft is what you were talking about.

  4. I am so Grateful for finding Rob just wish I could have met him!!! I pray that Elohim in Yeshua's name help me get the workbooks so I can learn daily to Come out of Babylon. I feel unworthy and now realize we are all unworthy. After this Chat I guess I felt I needed ppl that don't know me 2 tell me. I just want to get off my meds I am slowly I know he wants me to. Amen I'm going to take it one second at a time. I pray that Elohim forgive me, and keep all evil from me and pure thoughts in my mind, in Yeshua's name Amen.

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