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#AncientTexts That Changed the World

Long before the Bible, humans recorded tales of our origins as a species and the birth of our civilizations. This presentation endeavors to introduce the viewer to some of these oldest and most important texts. We cannot stress enough that this is not a comprehensive nor complete list. Such a compilation would be many dozens of hours long and completely impractical for a single presentation. Perhaps the best perspective to take is that this is kind of like a greatest hits list.

The Eridu Genesis – 1:23
Enuma Elish – 2:58
(Full length:
Atrahasis – 4:49
(Full length:
Sumerian Kings List – 6:45
The Epic of Gilgamesh – 8:28
Inanna’s Descent into the Underworld – 9:39
(Full length:
Enki and the World Order – 11:22
(Full length:
Enki and Ninhurshag – 13:05
Code of Hammurabi – 15:13
Lament for Ur – 18:02
Adapa and the South Wind – 20:28
Kesh Temple Hymn – 21:17
Pyramid Texts – 22:02
The Book of the Heavenly Cow – 22:55
The Coffin Texts – 24:42
The Book of the Dead – 25:41
The Instruction of Amenemope – 26:45
The Rigveda – 27:39
The Samaveda – 28:44
The Yajurveda – 29:30
The Atharvaveda – 30:27
Conclusion – 31:10

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