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End Times: The Movie is a look at our modern world, through the lens of bible prophecy.

What does the Bible say about the end times? Every generation since the death of Jesus Christ has thought they were living in the end times, so what makes this generation any different?

You won’t believe what I found!

Written by End Times Productions
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Interviews by End Times Productions
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All the interviews are original to and available on this channel, below are links to the interviews if you’re interested.

Tom Horn – https://youtu.be/aXRH63LSBDA

Justen and Wes Faull – https://youtu.be/crdF1vhqKRU

Darrin Geisinger – https://youtu.be/jK54Wy1CWcc

Timothy Alberino -https://youtu.be/MxLBPlC-Rrg – https://youtu.be/YevDgLRsOAw & https://youtu.be/mszhdiWsFVc

Carl Gallups – https://youtu.be/RSBY3gya8Ds

Russ Dizdar – https://youtu.be/AVMrRmpZO_g

Derek Gilbert – https://youtu.be/9s6JbYCv_lo

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  1. what a load of BS!! you're just interpreting that book to suit your beliefs! It's so arrogant to actually project onto the rest of the world that their spiritual beliefs are wrong & only the christian religion is the right one!!! So Budism is wrong? Hinduism is wrong? & the other 2000+ gods!

  2. LOL – Garbage; bunk; crap; BS; perverting, twisting & taking Scripture 'out-of-context'. A lot of the alleged so-called "prophecies" / "predictions" have been happening off & on, at various times, throughout the world. They are nothing new or unexpected. The "END" will come at the time (which NO ONE KNOWS, except the FATHER), manner, place that God has decided, determined, established, ordained, set in place – not at the time that man calculates, decides, desires, determines, hopes, thinks, wants, wishes, yearns, etc… for it to come. God IS NOT and WILL NOT BE MOCKED by anyone!

  3. It’s sad how Christians long for their beloved end times. They actually want the world to end. Churches across the country pray the world ends because they believe they will be beamed up to their imaginary afterlife. Christians don’t even know their bibles. If they did they’d realize that book is the most immoral book ever written.

    What is faith and ‘evil’? Which ‘god’ out of the 25,000 known gods invented by primitive, savage, superstitious and anonymous men are you talking about? If you’re talking about the biblical god why do you worship it? The Bible describes that god as a serial mass murderer that loves genocide, torture, infanticide, slavery, misogyny, rape, animal sacrifices, incest and human sacrifices. I’m fact christianity is built on human sacrifices. The biblical god is the most immoral entity ever imagined by primitive men. So is Jesus who supported slavery. He said “Slaves obey your masters, even the cruel ones.” If Jesus was moral he would have proclaimed slavery to be immoral and he would’ve told slaves to flee their masters and take all the other slaves with them. Jesus also told people to hate their families and follow him.

    If you read the Bible and knew how it was compiled you would never believe what’s in it. There is zero evidence to prove your god exists. There is zero contemporary evidence Jesus even existed. There are zero chains of custody of anything in the Bible. Republicans tried to overthrow the 2020 election alleging that ballots lost their chains of custody. It’s funny how they say the Bible is the center of their lives when there are zero chains of custody of any of the things in the Bible. So much for consistency and honesty. The Bible is the most immoral book ever written. Anyone who reads it with an open and honest mind would come to the same conclusion. The biblical god is a monster. If it appeared right here in front of me I certainly wouldn’t worship it. I’d hold it in contempt for the horrendous things it did. I am infinitely more moral than that biblical god.

    Does it ever make you wonder how if an all powerful and all knowing ‘god’ could create all the fascinating life on this planet but could only resolve issues by killing people?

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