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There are as many as five apocryphal books that go by the name ‘Book of Jasher’ – all of which appear to have been forgeries or composed much later than biblical times. In this series, I chose to use the most accessible version of the Book of Jasher I could find as a basis for the narrative, which is translated from Hebrew and dates back to the year 1613. Whilst I did alter the language – most notably the dialogue of the characters, you’ll find that the framework and the story itself remains the same, as well as running mostly parallel to the events of the Old Testament. The Book of Jasher, known in Hebrew as ‘Sepir Ha Yasher’, is believed to mean ‘Book of the Upright’ or ‘the Upright or Correct Record’. What makes the book so controversial is that it was believed in some circles to be a lost book that is mentioned a couple of times in the bible, most notably by Joshua and David respectively.







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0:00 Book of Jasher Chapter 1
9:57 Notes on Version/Retelling
12:54 Analysis of Jasher vs Genesis

– Cain and Abel
– Creation Story
– Book of Jasher
– Downfall of Cain
– Biblical Stories
– Apocrypha

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– Book of Jasher (1613):

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