(2018) Virtual House Church – Bible Study – Week 15: Bo ForYouTube

This is the Week 15 Torah portion – Bo – (from 2017) with related studies from the Prophets and New Testament.

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  1. I knew it you are gnostics I knew you were gnosticism type of people I knew it the Lord Warned me in my heart that you guys were false teachers y'all teach the Sabbath life you teach all the stuff about going back to the Torah know we're not supposed to go back to the Torah other than for knowledge and wisdom we're not supposed to go back to the old ways people of sacrificing things or anything like that Jesus became our Sabbath Jesus became the Passover Lamb do you not understand that do you not understand that Jesus is the truth the way and the life he is the Passover he is the Sabbath people wake up he did not come to change the laws he came to fulfill them if you want to get technical he became the commandments of law you people are the synagogue of Satan Jesus warned us about you say you are of Jesus but you are not of Jesus you preach this Torah trash when we're in the New testament we're in the New covenant Jesus Christ we're in the time of Grace and Faith get right get your Bibles right people you people say you know the Bible the truth and the way more than any everybody does right that's what y'all are saying that your truth is the only truth know your truth is the wrong truth it sounds like the gospel but it is not the gospel that's what the Lord Jesus Christ said and that's who you people are I see it just as plain as day because I'm telling you right now this dude right here that you promote your Rob skiba whatever his name is that dude is a gnostic he believes in the serpent seed and all that there's no such thing as the serpent seed that's a that's a false doctrine that is the gnosticism doctrine that is not Christianity and that's what y'all preach

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