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Ancient Structures I – #Teotihuacán, #Sacsayhuaman & #PumaPunku

Ancient ruins around the world have withstood the test of time and remain standing for academics and laymen alike to ponder and study. Many of the methods used to create these ancient cities, temples, and monuments remain mysterious and unexplained.

The Archive’s presentation of these locations does not consist simply of regurgitated mainstream timelines and assumptions. We have included what academics leave out because there is a plethora of facts that do not correlate with the mainstream’s accepted timeline of history.

This series is intended to be an ‘introductory’ and cursory review of these locations. For more detailed treatments please reference the links below:

Puma Punku – https://youtu.be/kXEw4Q4_bRw
Anunnaki Gods of Ancient Mesoamerica – https://youtu.be/TiOcxOgaQw8
Orion’s Belt in Egyptian, Mayan and Hopi Cultures – https://youtu.be/7nSX3XfJMiw
History of Giants III – https://youtu.be/DUPaSV957V8
Creatures from Book of Jasher – https://youtu.be/qRwUzsu03_g
The Ancient Hopi and Star People – https://youtu.be/XgqwAlVhzw4
Olmecs Revealed – https://youtu.be/JAYiPMSRiAU
Americas’ Ancient Astronauts – https://youtu.be/ypfp1Qr7xZw
Machu Picchu Renamed? – https://youtu.be/AyxcehL04gM

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