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Bughul is the main antagonist who appears in the horror movies Sinister and the less favoured Sinister II. He’s one of the more ominous looking villains I’ve seen in recent times, simply designed and yet equally profound. He appears to take the form of a humanoid male, with dark wet hair and a Slipknot-esque mask. Throughout the movies he is seen scuttling in the shadows, lurking in the backs of photographs and other times materialising before his victims in an effort to terrify them. Perhaps this is what makes Bughul such a compelling villain, that he barely shows himself throughout the movie and yet causes such terror, as well as the fact that he’s obscure enough to maintain a sense of dark mystery. Even the main character Ellison, played by Ethan Hawk, can’t figure him out and appears to remain one step behind Bughuul throughout the entire narrative.







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0:00 Intro
2:01 Nord VPN
3:49 Bughuul In Sinister
9:24 Symbolism of Bughuul
17:17 Origin of Bughuul
19:02 Moloch Inspiration
23:06 Inspiration From Other Deities
25:15 Inspiration From The Boogeyman
26:36 Outro

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  1. I remember at one point in my life we didn’t have any WiFi or cable for a while. All we had was my ps3 & was forced to basically rewatch all the movies i had on it at the time. My friends would come over and we would just smoke and drink and just re watch movies that we’ve already seen just too kill time while we would just talk and kill time. Sinister was one of the movies that we liked a lot at the time. Well one night after the movie had played like probably 3 times throughout the day. The very last time it played stranger things started happening at my house & we would start to see some figures. At the time I had a lot of people in my room probably like 6 of us & every single person had witnessed it but didn’t say anything until one of us brought it up. Even my uncle & other people that weren’t in the room witnessed it. It just trips me out that I’m finding this video now haha it all makes sense

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