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Most of us would agree that the vast amounts of on-going discoveries, archaeological finds and research that support the Ancient Astronaut Hypothesis originate predominantly from the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe. But what about the Western Hemisphere… the Americas?

Interestingly in the last several years, archaeologists and other academics have been steadily rewriting the history of the human presence in the Western hemisphere.

Academic Disposition – 0:53
Alternate Hypotheses – 8:23
Genesis & the Bible – 9:46
Era of Suns – 12:17
Tenochtitlan, the City of Tenoch – 20:02
Gilgamesh (Callejon de Huaylus) : 23:00
Tiahuanacu: 24:43
Timeline: 26:57
American Giants: 33:38
Native American Star People: 35:45

Reference Links:
Orion’s Belt in Egyptian, Mayan and Hopi Cultures:
Ancient Hopi and Star People:
History of Giants Part 3:

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