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You won’t believe how deep this rabbit hole goes..

In this video, i sit down with author Darrin Geisinger and ask him to tell us about his book and why it’s relevant to our strange times. Find out more about Darrin and his book Zero G’s here –

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  1. I've assumed this for a very long time. They want us to depleat the surplus population, which is why they continue to push this trans agenda, until a tipping point happens, riots, hoards of people will be attacking each other through this agenda of division of left and right winged people. I watch this Gaia channel, and again they are pushing the extraterrestrial agenda, by translating early sumerian depictions of these Annunaki beings, but because not enough people have the knowledge that only scripture can give us, to recognize the truth that these beings are not extraterrestrials, but are the watchers, or fallen angels, that morph and take shapes of things that the masses are indoctrinated by the media, Gaia, social media are presenting them as instead of telling the truth that this interdimensional war is all around us, and the veil between these dimensions is lifting, but the masses are easily manipulated, and fear is their greatest weapons. If you are a believer, and have eyes to see, ears to hear, then you see exactly what is going on, and prophecies coming to pass.

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