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It is prudent to understand that the query put forth here is not the same as ‘Are humans slaves to other humans?’. The question is in the context of our galaxy and universe and not simply our singular planet. In other words, are we a slave species as compared to other potential extraterrestrial species? Additionally, it is vital to understand that we are referring to the current state of the human species and not its original creation or purpose.

Most of the Western world is unfamiliar with these ancient Mesopotamian creation accounts. For a significant portion of the world’s population their understanding of the origin and purpose of humans is derived from religion (in particular, the Bible) or modern science. Ironically, the account of creation in the Bible is a description of evolution that is in accord with modern science.

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  1. until we have a free mind to create imagination of someone who created all of the countless universes and all the creatures in it we are not slave to any galaxy….human is a free entity until science puts him behind bars of theoretical data and logical hypothesizes

  2. Brilliant explanation also direct easy to understand without so many metaphors. Gives me a small but definite sense of empowerment so how.
    Understanding and knowledge is definitely power.

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