Soulful Origins: The Creation of Souls with Zen Garcia, Lisa George & Clark Hubanks ForYouTube

Embark on a transcendent journey into the essence of our being as acclaimed author Zen Garcia, alongside the insightful Lisa George and cohost Clark Hubanks, unlocks the profound mysteries behind the creation of souls.

In this captivating livestream, you can expect:

Biblical Foundations: Explore the sacred scriptures with Zen Garcia, as he unfolds the rich tapestry of Biblical insights and Christian faith, revealing the divine narrative of how souls came into existence.

Soulful Secrets: Delve into Zen Garcia’s extensive research, showcased in his illuminating books, as he shares deep revelations on the spiritual origins of the soul and its purpose in the grand design of creation.

Cohost Conversations: Engage in dynamic conversations with Lisa George and Clark Hubanks, cohosts who bring their unique perspectives to enrich the discussion and provide a holistic view of the soul’s creation.

Faith and Reflection: Immerse yourself in a reflective and faith-filled dialogue, exploring the theological significance of the soul’s creation and its profound impact on our spiritual journeys.

️ Interactive Exploration: Participate in the live Q&A session to interact with Zen Garcia, Lisa George, and Clark Hubanks. Share your thoughts, questions, and reflections on the soul’s creation in this dynamic and engaging livestream.

Whether you’re a seasoned seeker of spiritual truths or someone exploring the depths of faith for the first time, this livestream promises to be an enlightening exploration of our soul’s divine origin. Join us live, embrace the profound teachings, and unravel the mysteries that connect us to the eternal tapestry of creation. #CreationOfSouls #BiblicalInsights #SoulfulJourney

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  1. Cool story but I don't know how much of this is legitimate I don't even know if you can verify any or most of these extra biblical books being inerrant or true.
    It would be nice to be able to figure that out though

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