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The author of the Rise of Mystery Babylon series, Brett Thomas, joins Zen on TFR to speak on the subject matter of his work and focus in the prophecies and histories of Mystery Babylon.

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  1. Hi Zen and Brett. There are a lot of theories on how the Rephaim returned after the flood. Many believe the wives carried the Nephilim gene or there was a second incursion or even possible survivors or more than 8 entered the Ark, all of which are theories which scripture does not back up as a matter of fact. What we do know for a fact is that Nimrod 'became' a Mighty one, Giant or Gibborim "from his human form". His access to the 7 Mystery religions would have helped him and others turn. With Nimrod being the first to turn, he would take a higher rank of Gibborim and turn the rest into Rephaim or perhaps Nimrod's relations with woman would then create the Rephaim. I know these specifics are not in any texts but post 2020 seeing how mRNA and human 2.0 is on the horizon it makes perfect sense to me how Nimrod became/transformed himself into a Gibborim. The same method will be used when giants and monsters return in the end times as it is written in Revelations and 2nd Esdras, what was will be again Days of Noah. The final AC (Nimrod imo) will not be human, that to me is very clear. 'The mark' is what will transform humans into monsters to create an army for Armageddon in my humble opinion. Much love, Yah bless.

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