Nephilim Bloodlines of the Mediterranean: The Rephaim King of the Aryans – Learn Before They Return ForYouTube

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The remnant of the Nephilim Grail bloodlines, post Mesopotamian rule consolidated power in the Mediterranean and Levant.
Topics discussed:

Shining Ones
Aryan mythology
Bible Prophecy
Biblical History
Ugaritic History

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  1. It is said, that the teachers, of end-times, would be LAWLESS.
    Beware of those whom, are rewriting the scripture, even though there is a stern warning, Not to do so, and that person will be, accursed and held accountable.
    I had to burn a copy of a rewritten bible, called the BYNV.
    I ordered a BYNV years ago, and then experienced, unexplainable, bad karma (whatever you call it) occur in my life. I have to say something. I have to testify. The things I went through, while just sitting with that you-tube group, was very unsettling. In no way, I would want any of my brothers and sisters out here, to experience and endure, what I have gone through. So please listen.
    It was Only by the power of the Spirit, I was able to survive. Then to find out the author, owns a sex, drug and porn shop. Please beware of these false teachers, on You tube. Some of these teachers, have partners, and sell bibles, and rewritten Words. Much Love everyone!!!!
    Much Favour and prayers to NYSTV.

  2. Interesting Video. Hey NYSTV! May the Joy of his essence, come upon you, in this most blessed day of His revelation!!
    All honor, and praises, and lifting up of our hands, unto HIM who reigns above the firmament. How lovely is his essence, and glorious is our King!!!
    There is no Shadow of turning.
    There is no greatest day, to be living in. How honorable, is his greatness. How honorable are his words.

  3. Oh my goodness, I just typed in neck ring and look at the images, the modern tribal people have necks elongated by wearing so many neck rings. Was it the Emim that were called long necks in Hebrew?

    Anyway could this be like cranial deformation, where they want to look like either long necked or long headed Nephilim? I wonder if the modern long neck tribes also try to deform their skulls to??

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