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The Bible mentions the Seraphim only once, in Isaiah 6:1-3. According to this passage, the Seraphim are a type of celestial being that serve as attendants to God’s throne. They are depicted as having six wings and are described as having a fiery, glowing appearance. Their main role is to praise and worship God, and they are known for their exalted status and purity.

While the Bible only mentions the Seraphim briefly, later theological traditions developed more detailed descriptions of these beings. Some Christian theologians identified the Seraphim as one of the nine orders of angels, while others viewed them as a distinct type of angelic being. Some traditions also assigned specific roles or characteristics to individual Seraphim, although these are not found in the Bible itself.

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  1. Seven headed serpent, and seven deadly sins, seems a theme in Enoch interestingly enough. Which reminds me of being asked about the Mark of the Beast. It's not just a mark, but is reinforced by the action that proceeds that mark. Satan marking his, emulating what God did with marking out His own. Who they served, along with the fruits thereof, makes evident who is served, and whether it be of God, or what God forbid.

  2. Thanks for another amazing and fascinating show guys! David Carrico, your knowledge is amazing….. I sort of feel like a kid in a candy store! (an odd analogy, lol….)whenever I watch these Midnight Ride shows. I'm Regina in Fort Worth, Texas.

  3. When I see all this evil going on today with the kids I know Jesus will throw these fallen angels into the lake of fire you know it seems this fire is not enough to hurt these entities. It’s not enough to hurt them with all the evil they are committing. What do you think?

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