Sacred Word Revealed 2020 Conference – Ask Me Anything with Rob Skiba and Zen Garcia ForYouTube

This was a Q and A session Zen and I did at the Sacred Word Revealed 2020 Conference in Atlanta on Sept. 12, 2020.

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  1. Can somebody explain why the devil tempted Eve to really eat of the tree of good and evil because he didn't want them to eat of the tree of life ,maby even he was made by God not to live forever and he didn't want them to live forever .he was jellious and hated God's creation.God is so good that he wouldn't allow Adam and Eve back in the garden if they ate of the tree of life then they would never die they had sined in them now. He was so good he put angels in the garden to guard it that no man eat of it and live forever. So how can a man go to hell suffer forever if he didn't eat of the tree of life. Want he die in the fire burn up.the Bible says that saten will be destroyed by the brightness of his comeing

  2. I love Rob and miss him, but what is the second death? And the Bible said those will not not be hurt by the second death. Blessed and holy are those raised by the first revelation, that the second death hath no power over them. Please explain this to me somebody.

  3. ROB !!! sorry to see you go.
    Your ministry was damaged badly due to not following the Truth.
    The Earth is a sphere.
    ..Maybe it was in God's double bluff plan to sift out "intellectuals" with a false FE distraction?

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